Trade Shows At Three Counties Venue Hire

Build something exceptional at Three Counties in our Severn Hall, Avon or Wye, which are complete blank canvases for you to create your own bespoke event and give your customers a truly memorable experience.  

Get in touch to find out more and arrange a tour of the venue.

Wye Hall (5,364m2)

The largest of Three Counties exhibition halls and located in the South West area of the showground, Wye hall is ideally placed for use of our all-weather Brown car park, holding over 600 visitors vehicles.

The hall is separated into 4 Bays of varying levels, making it the ideal space for Trade Shows with an array of traders.

Our Wye Hall hosts B2B's Flea Fairs throughout the year, combined with Avon and ample outdoor space it caters perfectly to our organisers event needs. 

Wye Hall Plan - Three Counties Showground

Avon Hall (2,422m2)

Avon Hall is similar in style to Wye Hall and is situated across a large tarmac area (4,396m2) that can be covered by a marquee to successfully link the two halls together and provide one large versatile space. 

The hall is heated making it an ideal space for Trade Shows all year round.

Avon Hall is home to Horace Investments Classic Car Show in April, combined with Wye Hall it perfectly accommodates all the needs of this vehicle event.

Avon Hall Plan - Three Counties Showground

Severn Hall (2,075m2)

Create something exceptional in the Severn Hall with over 2000 sqm of space, a completely blank canvas for your Trade Show.

Severn Hall can be used in connection with Linden for a truly spectacular space, be it a welcome hall, seminar room or additional traders.

This year our Severn Hall welcomes a brand new trade show hosted by Tool Bank, with seminars taking place in the Three Counties Centre Suites, this show is set to use our venue to its full potential. 

Severn Hall Plan - Three Counties Showground