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10th December 2020

The NHS is preparing to open dozens of mass vaccination centres across England to vaccinate people against Covid-19. There will be at least one centre in each of the NHS’s 42 sustainability and partnership areas and the Three Counties Showground is delighted to be the designated vaccination centre for Herefordshire and Worcestershire.

The Covid-19 vaccination programme represents the largest peace-time deployment project since the war years and will play a major part in getting the nation back on track. A successful nationwide vaccination campaign will also provide much-needed confidence and stability to both the events industry and the wider economy.

The first Covid vaccinations have begun to take place this week across the UK with patients and health workers at some 50 hospitals around the country have been given the jab.

Chief Executive Ken Nottage said “It is an honour to have the opportunity to play such a critical part in any vaccination programme and we are pleased to be able to contribute towards fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. The Three Counties Showground is a perfect venue. It has plenty of space and parking for a temporary vaccination centre and we look forward to the vaccination roll out in 2021."

The Showground will host the vaccination centre alongside its packed programme of events, which will run as normal throughout the year.

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